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Peter. 17. INFP. Hmong. Xiong clan. Aspiring composer. Piano. Cello. Trombone. Euphonium. Low Brass Captain. Bass Voice. Wannabe Oboe and Polymath.  Likes to say poop a lot. Tchaik. Beethoven. Vaughan Williams. Hisaishi. Brubeck. Sakamoto. Brahms. Piazolla.

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    This puffer in’t being inquisitive, this puffer is hunting!

    Pufferfish eat snails, so they are just adorably figuring out the best way to eat their dinner. \uwu/

    It’s also not even a baby. That’s a dwarf puffer! If not fed snails regularly, their beaks become overgrown, which is a big problem in puffers fed improper captive diets.

    (via useless-eighth-note)

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